domenica 24 febbraio 2013

I know an old lady / Conosco una signora

This is a poem I am going to use with the children at school. Can't really translate it, obviously, but it's quite simple anyway.


Poesicciola che uso domani coi bambini. Non posso tradurla in italiano perché non rende, purtroppo.

 I know an old lady,
she's all upside down,
her poo is yellow,
her pee is brown;

this lady I know,
she's not all okay,
she gets up at midnight,
she sleeps the whole day;

I know an old lady,
I know her, I swear,
she sits on the bed,
she sleeps on a chair;

I know an old lady,
you should come and see,
she drinks soap and water,
she showers with tea;

I know an old lady,
I'm serious, I am,
she eats tea and coffee
she drinks pie and jam.

And now, poor old lady, that she dies like all women and men,
«Oh, good,» she says gladly «I'm born over again».

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